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Top 10 Internet Stocks For 2015

20 Apr 2015, by has the trading information for you to get ahead with the Top 10 stocks that you will most likely enjoy profiting from in 2015.

The Federal Reserve have been threatening to hike interest rates all year, we predict this will finally take place in June. Once this happens, we will find out if the USD and Wall Street are capable of continuing the bullish trend.

While executing an in-depth market analysis, have picked up on the Top 10 stocks and their trends. However, the research also spawned some startling news, what we see and hear about the USD and what is actuating going on at ground level are two different sphears completely. There is an increase in consumer health care, student loans as well as a fast decline in wage growth leading to a rapid weakening in domestic spending. Translating to a drop in the price of goods and services.

Leading us to the next point. High risks lie ahead as a result of the market being at an all Ėtime high all the time and prolonged delays of the interest rates sitting at all-time lows. Within lie bigger problems, that if the market is not watched over the next few months this could be a market crash waiting to happen.

On a positive note, if we set aside the smaller market and the issues pertaining to domestic income, recommends you invest in quality and stable firms that will show you a return on investments. One such company hardly needs an introduction Apple Inc. The buzz that has surrounded the tech bubble 2.0 is here and Apple is certainly a leader.

No surprise there considering its market capital is worth $765 billion which was recorded mid-January 2015. Letís take a closer look at BO360ís Top 10 Internet Stocks for 2015:

1. Apple Inc.
With Apples (AAPL) constant product extensions such as the ever evolving iPhone, MAC computers, Apple Pay, Apple TV, Apple Stores, and the newest addition to the company the Apple Watch which is expected to come out this week. It is no secret they have generated an operational cash flow of over $70 billion in the past year and currently offers a dividend of 1.50%. Even though this stock is expensive, it is stable and trades at 17 times its earnings, surprisingly not that high for the tech industry. Safe dividends earned makes for safe trade.

2. Inc.
Being the biggest online retailer worldwide, Inc. (AMZN), has seen some underperformance in the past few months of 2015. Mainly due to investors losing patience on waiting for returns on this stock. There is still no denying that they are always seen on top-line in terms of growth. Due possibly to their innovative ideas and a top player in the Ďpublic cloud businessí and favorite participant in the online streaming business. Also doing well is Kindle and offering massive growth in the future. Amazon Fresh is looking to expand in its household brands namely IMDb, Alexa,, and

3. Facebook Inc.
Facebook Inc. (FB) saw a slight decline in its earlier days this year; that was until it started to hit the mobile advertising space. This encouraged growth for the company and most likely will follow the bullish trend for the remainder of the year. Not to mention the over 1.19 billion users of the Facebook account, they now have 2 million active advertisers to date, showing an increase of 33% in the last half of the year.

4. Netflix
Netflix Inc. (NFLX) has given the consumer a low-cost way to enjoy TV viewing without the repetition and high price of cable. Even though, there is a small threat lurking for this particular stock, it does produce original content and will continue to do so. Some productions will be hits, and some will be misses however the ship will stay afloat. The CEO Reed Hastings has a knack for re-directing any negative perceptions as we saw earlier this year, he manage to take Netflix back to the top of all streaming TV.

5. FireEye Inc.
Preventing, detecting and solving advanced cybersecurity virusesí and hacking threats, FireEye Inc. (FEYE) and their services are in high demand. The last published Cybersecurity Market Report mentioned that the cybersecurity industry was seeing a reachable $155 billion by 2019 which will be an increase of $71 billion from last year. The total annual growth rate from 2010-2013 was a whopping 139% and contributing to that growth was the following stats: over 2750 customers in over 67 countries that include 159 of Fortune 500 companies, there is only positive days ahead for this corporation. Increasing their staff and business growth from 1678 in 2013 to 2402 in 2014 a lot to be said about the state of the current economy and the lack of global employment.

6. NICE Systems
Under the management of a new CEO, there was a 9% organic growth and a recorded revenue of $294 million in its fourth quarter. Moreover, the companyís earnings improved by 36% this was accomplished by implementing disciplined expense management, eliminating all non-productive activity and market optimization. NICE (NICE), is an Israeli-based company providing the world with software solutions that enable companies to take control and improve business results and customer experience. They safeguard people and assets, fight financial crime and ensure compliance within companies. Heading in the right direction as a company the bullish trend is following suite.

7. Ltd.
With a boost in popularity and economic growth of 74% year over year since 2014 and over 59 million users Ltd. (WIX) is using this to their advantage. The company offers a mobile and website applications building platform that is accessed easily and used by many without any experience necessary making it most appealing. It may be showing growth in its reputation however, the company is not quiet profiting as well as itís growing. Nevertheless believing in it potential and its ability makes it worth a mention on the Top 10 list.

8. Cogent Communications Inc.
Cogent Communications Holdings (CCOI) Internet protocol communications services and provider of high-speed Internet access. With a 9% revenue increase year on year and an increase customer connection of 15% in the 3rd quarter of 2014 alone, there is promising growth for Cogent. Showing both a bottom and top line growth, this is a good investment move for this stock as it yields 3.20% profits.

9. Baidu Inc.
The insane amount of people in China that are still not connected to the internet represents tremendous growth potential for Baidu Inc. (BIDU). Often dubbed as the Google of the East, the company could boast 3 and a half times that of Google if users would connect. Baidu has not let that slow them down, they have created organic growth by partnering with the Hyundai Group to explore the growing market for connected cars, it has scooped up smaller companies and invested around $600 million in Uber. With that financial exposure alone this track record how could it not make the list.

10. Veeva Systems Inc.
Offering advanced and industry-specific technology that enables pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to experience and make profitable use of mobile and cloud-based applications for numerous business improvement functions. With the popularity of (CRM) platform for sales automation solutions, that is customized and tailored to all types of industries worldwide used and currently has 45% market share for Life Science, itís no surprise that itís proving to be the best in the industry when compared to its rivals. Growing on an annual basis there is a bright future for Veeva (VEEV) in the marketplace.

Binary Options 360 suggest further research on the above list and a positive outlook for the remainder of 2015 wherein lie trading opportunities. The broader market may decline which could lead to lower prices where the above stocks are represented, but if you remain consistent this could lead to positive trading outcomes for 2015

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