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How to improve your win rate

30 Jan 2017

How To Improve Your Win Rate

Everyone loves to play the slot machines- the adrenaline rush when it comes to genuinely not knowing whether the game will fall into your favour or will leave you wanting more. Slot machines were first invented in the late 1800s in San Francisco by Charles Fey and over the 120 years that followed, have boomed in popularity, so much so that they have indeed taken first place as the most popular attraction of any casino game, be it live or online.

Because slots require very little special skills to play, slots are a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, which is what makes them so appealing in comparison to other forms of gambling. While poker and blackjack require the implementation of learned strategies and perfected methods of play, slots are there for the sheer pleasure of testing the chances of probability. Players have no idea what outcome they are going to witness, which creates an even playing field. That being said, improved technology and tactics have found that there are a few tips that could swing the chances of winning a jackpot in your favourÖ

Set A Limit

If you operate under the assumption that you are going to lose all your money, itís important that you set a maximum on what you can stand to lose. Keep your bankroll at a manageable and realistic level so that you donít overspend.

Split Your Bankroll

Online casinos are great because you can login and place a bet whenever you wish so be sure to split your overall bankroll over the course of multiple sessions. Divide the amount of money you have between the amount of time you will spend playing in each session to ensue your money goes as far as possible and is equally distributed.

Rest Up

When it comes to any aspect of life- be it sport, work or the casino- you are likely to achieve optimal results when you take care of yourself and are well fed and rested. The better you feel the more chance you have of having better concentration and judgement.

Set Your Limit

Slots work on the basis of enticing customers to go for big wins and refill the pot of money, enticing you to spend again and again until the winning pot of money is all gone. If you do win some money, be thankful and keep your winnings- donít be tempted to play again for a while as you will soon notice that your winnings diminish!

Read Reviews

Particularly if you play online, itís important that your slot machines are certified and properly regulated. Check up on which casino sites are safest and read up customer experience reviews. This will help to ensure you have a fair chance of winning.

Look Out For Slots That Havenít Dropped

Try to keep an eye out on slot machines that havenít paid out in a while as there is a greater chance that these machines will give you a big win. This is based on the idea that a slot machine will pay out eventually and the longer the machine has been holding, the greater the likelihood of a pay out!

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