Thursday, 30th March 2017

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Directors dealings: Phoenix Group buys in near five-year highs

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Updated: Thu, 16th Feb. 15:59:53

Alexander Bueso

(ShareCast News) - Phoenix Group non-executive director Wendy Mayall bought into the company's shares roughly a month after the life insurance fund consolidator said it hit its 2016 target for cash regeneration of 486.0m.

The firm also expected to make at least 250m from the integration of the AXA businesses within six months of completion of the acquisition.

Mayall purchased 10,000 shares on 14 February at an individual price of 761.0p.

A fortnight earlier, on 30 January, analysts at Deutsche Bank bumped up their recommendation on the stock to 'buy' and set a target price of 835p.

"Phoenix has finally emerged from seven years of balance sheet recovery with the announcement of two acquisitions in 2016. We think investors are under-estimating the rapid improvement in solvency and debt capacity over 2017e-2018e. Specifically, we think a hypothetical 1.0bn - 1.5bn acquisition could be funded principally out of cash and debt rather than equity, adding either side of 25% to future value - something that in our view is not sufficiently reflected in the current share price," said analyst Oliver Steel.

Shares in the fund consolidator were then trading not far off their 52-week highs and from their best levels of the past five years.

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