Saturday, 25th March 2017

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Shore Capital investment testing LTE tech in Berlin

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Updated: Fri, 17th Feb. 16:26:37

Josh White

(ShareCast News) - Shore Capital updated the market on the LTE mobile technology testing being undertaken by one of its investments on Friday.

DBD holds, through a subsidiary, 32 regional radio spectrum licences in Germany of indefinite duration, and Shore Capital holds a 59.94% interest in Spectrum Investments, the parent company of DBD.

It said DBD had been given consent by the German Telecoms Regulator, BNetzA, to test the LTE TDD technology which will support its business plan for the future use of the licences, premised upon a small radio cells network concept.

An initial pilot scheme has been commenced in Berlin and DBD plans to roll out additional pilots in other areas covered by the Licences.

"For the initial Berlin trial, at the request of BNetzA, DBD is using a temporary test licence granted to it by BNetzA," Shore Capital's board said in a statement.

"However, DBD believes that, as a result of Article 9a of the EU Framework Directive, it should be permitted to use its existing licences to conduct the pilot schemes and to support the roll out of its services in the future.

"BNetzA has yet to confirm its agreement."

In correspondence with DBD, Shore Capital said BNetzA had noted that its ongoing consideration of the status and use of the licences should be taken in the context of its ongoing review of spectrum frequency planning for the years after 2021/2022, and in particular its frequency concept for the 3.5GHz band, into which the licences fall.

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