Monday, 6th July 2015

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Early results in Greferendum show clear lead for 'no', euro drops

Sun 5th Jul 15, 18:47:27

Early results from Sunday´s referendum in Greece over whether to accept international creditors´ demands for reaching an agreement on the terms of a bail-out showed the 'no' camp clearly in the lead.

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FX round-up: Pound gains versus euro ahead of Greferendum

Cable slipped slightly on the last day of week, with traders Stateside enjoying their holiday leave while their counterparts on this side of the Pond braced themselves for an expected negative outcome to Sunday´s Greferendum. 9 hours ago

Bonds: Yields lower across the board ahead of Greferendum

Sovereign bonds in the industrialised world were higher across the board on Friday in a move that was interpreted by some observers as reflecting optimism that greeks would vote on Sunday to support the bailout proposals put forth by international creditors. 10 hours ago

China's central bank moves to prop up stocks amid uncertainty

Chinese policymakers rolled out futher measures over the weekend in a bid to a stabilise the country´s stock markets and avoid spill-over effects to the real economy. 11 hours ago

AppNexus considering market debut next year

AppNexus, the online advertising group in which WPP is major investor, is said to be considering a market flotation next year. 12 hours ago

Greek 'No' voters will win, Economist Group Intelligence Unit predicts

The "Intelligence Unit" of the Economist Group have said they are calling victory for the "No" voters in Greece's referendum. 12 hours ago

Sunday newspaper round-up: Energy and financial regulators, Sainsbury's and Supergroup

The Big Six energy firms are expected to escape demands for a major break-up when the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) this week announces the results of its lengthy review into competition in the industry. The competition regulator is expected to say that the vertical integration structure under which Centrica's British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF Energy, SSE, Eon and RWE Npower all operate does not result in higher prices. The CMA is thought to be more likely to criticise regulator Ofgem for restricting competition, the Sunday Times reported. 12 hours ago

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