Sunday, 20th August 2017

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Stocks to trade

This is the list of stocks current tradeable on our vvirtual trading games (fantasy stocks and shares, virtual spread betting and virtual CFDs).

Click on the starting letter of term you wish to lookup:


Stocks tradeable on BullBearings
MKLW A&J Mucklow Group
ABDP AB Dynamics
ABU Abacus Group
ACR Abbeycrest
AAIF Aberdeen Asian Income Fund
AAS Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies
ADN Aberdeen Asset Management
AVC Aberdeen Development Cap
AGW Aberdeen Growth Opps
AGV Aberdeen Growth VCT1
ABGO Aberdeen Growth VCT2
ABD Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust
ANW Aberdeen New Thai
AFHC Aberforth Geared Cap & Inc Tst Plc
ASL Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust
ANC Abingdon Cap Ord 5p
AXU Abraxus Investments
ACMH Absolute Capital Management
ABR Absolute Return Trust
ACA Acacia Mining (was African Barrick Gold)
ACL Acal
ACM Acambis
ACF Accelerated Return Fund
ACC Access Intelligence
ACE Accident Exchange Group
ACRL Accrol Group
ACG Accuma
ACD Acencia Debt Strategy
AIF Acorn Income Fund
ACO Acorn Minerals
APL ACP Capital
ACQ Acquisitor
AQH Acquisitor Holdings
AOB Acquisitor Holdings (Bermuda)
ACT Actif Group
AHCG Action Hotels
AIT Active Capital Trust
ARI Active Risk Group (was Strategic Thought)
ADA Adamind
ADE ADDleisure
ADW Addworth
AET Adeste
ADGO Adgorithms
ADM Admiral Group
ADP Adorian
ADS Adulis Resources
ADD Adv.Dev.Mkts
ADLx Adval Group
ACN Advance Capital Invest
ADMF Advance Developing Markets Fund
ADU Advance Uk Trust
ACV Advance Visual Communications
AMS Advanced Medical Solutions
APC Advanced Power Components
SMRT Advanced Smartcard Technologies
AVT Advanced Technology
ADT Advent 2 Vct
AAIR Advent Air
ADV Advent Vct
ATG Adventis
AWR Adwalker
AAT AEA Technology
AEC AEC Education
AGS Aegis Group
AGN Aegon NV
AI. Aero Inventory
ARX AeroBox
AFA Afa Systems
AFC AFC Energy
AFR Afren
AOL Africa Oilfield Logistics
ACU African Copper
AFD African Diamonds
AFE African Eagle Resources
APP African Platinum Plc
AFPO African Potash
AFO AfriOre Limited
AGA Aga Foodservice
AGC AgCert International
AGK Aggreko
AGI AGI Therapeutics
ACS AI Claims Solutions
AMD Aim Distribution Trust
AIM Aim Group
AIMR AIM Resources
AIV Aim Vct
AIRC Air China
AMU Air Music & Media
AIP Air Partner
ATU Airbath Group
ARFL Airflow Streamlines
APG Airsprung Furniture
AKI Akaei
AKR Akers Biosciences
ANH Al Noor Hospitals
ABA Alba
ALBA Alba Mineral Resources
ABNY Albany It
ABM Albemarle & Bond Holdings
AON Albion
ALD Aldermore Group Plc
ALEA Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Limited
AXM Alexander Mining
AXD Alexandra
AXN Alexon Group
MCA Alfred McAlpine
ALC Alibi Communications
AZM Alizyme
ALK Alkane Energy
AAA All Asia Asset Capital
AGY Allergy Therapeutics
AL. Alliance and Leicester
AB. Alliance Boots
APH Alliance Pharma
ATST Alliance Trust
AUN Alliance UniChem
AZD Allianz Dres End Pol Tst 10PLC Ord 1P
ADR Allianz Dres. 2 Ord 5P 2006
ALR Allianz Dresdner Rcm Income Growth
ADRK Allianz Drs. 2K KSept 2009 Shs 1P
AGLD Allied Gold
AHI Allied Healthcare International
ALBK Allied Irish Bank
ALM Allied Minds
AP. Alltracel Pharmaceuticals
ATR Alltrue Investments
AAP Alpha Airports Group
ALPH Alpha Pyrenees Trust
APS Alpha Strategic
ALMx Alphameric
ALN Alterian
AISR Alternative Invest Strategies
AIS Alternative Investment Strategies
ALF Alternative Liquidity Fund
AN. Alternative Networks
ANR Altona Resources
ALU Alumasc Group
ALV Alvis
ALVA Alvis Ord. .25 (Assd General Dynamics Cash)
ALVB Alvis Ord. .25 (Assd General Dynamics Fltg)
AMZ Amazing Holdings
AMB Amberley Group
ABI Ambient
ARP Amco Corporation
AMFW Amec Foster Wheeler
AMI American Investment Trust LD
AOP American Opp.Trust
ANOA Amerindo A Shares
89NR Amerindo B Shares
ANO Amerindo Internet Fund
AMER Amerisur Resources
AHM Amersham
AFS Amiad Filtration Systems
AEX Aminex
AMO Amino Technologies
AML Amlin
AMP Amphion Innovations
AMYT Amryt Pharma
AMT Amstrad
AUS Amteus
AMC Amur Minerals
AVZ Amvescap
ADL Andalas Energy & Power
AND Andor Technology
ASY Andrews Sykes
ABH Angel Biotechnology
AGL Angle
AYM Anglesey Mining
AAAP Anglo African Agriculture
AAL Anglo American
AOT Anglo and Overseas Trust
AAZ Anglo Asian Mining
ANGL Anglo Irish Bank
APF Anglo Pacific Group
AEP Anglo-Eastern Plantations
AGU Angus & Ross
AIE Anite
ANK Anker
ASM Antisoma
ANTO Antofagasta
ATV Antonov
AEY Antrim Energy Inc
AO. AO World
AOR Aortech International
APA Apace Media
APN Appian Technology
APGN Applegreen Plc
ALT Applied Optical Technologies
ABTU AquaBounty Technologies
AQP Aquarius Platinum
AFG Aquatic Foods Group
AQL Aquilo
ARBB Arbuthnot Banking Group
AGCV Arc Growth
ARK ARC International
ARC Arc Risk Management
ARCI Archimedes Incorporated
ARV Archimedia Ventures
AR. Archipelago Resources
AEL Arcolectric
AIN Arcon International
ARA Ardana
ARN Ardent Group
ARE Arena Leisure
ARGO Argo Group Ltd
AGT Argonaut Games
AAU Ariana Resources
ORE Aricom
AKO Arko Holdings
ARU Arla Foods UK
ARLx Arlington Group
ARM ARM Holdings
ARG ArmorGroup
AMR Armour Group
AAV Artemis Aim Vct
ATS Artemis Alpha Trust
SAW Arthur Shaw
ART Artisan
AST Ascent Resources
ASCL Ascential Plc
ASP Ascribe
ASF Asfare Group
AHP Ashcourt Holdings
ASH Ashdene Group
AGOL Ashmore Global Opportunities GBP
AGOU Ashmore Global Opportunities USD
ASHM Ashmore Group
AHT Ashtead Group
AHH Ashtenne Holdings
ASHT Ashton Penney
ASI Asia Capital PLC
AEN Asia Energy
ACHL Asian Citrus
ASE Asite
AKC Ask Central
ACEP Aspen Clean Energy
WTTA Assd Singer & Friedlander Cash
WTTB Assd Singer & Friedlander Fltg rate uns ln
AMN Asset Man It
ASBE Associated British Engineering
ABF Associated British Foods
ABP Associated British Ports
AGR Assura
ATD Asterand
ASV Aston Villa
AZN Astrazeneca
ATCG AT Communications
ATEL Atelis
ATH ATH Resources
ATY Athelney Trust
ATL Atlantic Global
AJG Atlantis Japan N
ARL Atlantis Resources
ADSS Atlas Development & Support Services
ATLS Atlas Estates
ATMA Atlas Mara Co-nvest
AUW Atrium Underwriting
ATN AttentiV Systems Group
BOOM Audioboom Group
AUG Augean
AUK Aukett Fitzroy Robinson Group
AUL Aurelian Oil and Gas
AUE Aureus Mining
ARR Aurora Investment State Ent Trust
AURR Aurora Russia
AUR Aurum Mining
ARD Austin Reed
AUTG Autins Group
AUT Auto Indemnity Group
AUTO Auto Trader Group
ACZ Autoclenz
ALG Autologic Holdings
ATI Automotive Precision
AU. Autonomy
AVA Avanti Capital
AVN Avanti Communications Group
ASG Avanti Screenmedia
ASO Avesco
AVS Avesco
AVV Aveva Group
AVG Avingtrans
ASR Avionic Services
AVE Avis Europe
AV. Aviva
AVM Avocet Mining
AVON Avon Rubber
AWI Award International Holdings
APT AXA Property Trust Ld
ASD Axis-Shield
AXO Axon
AZEM Az Electronic Materials SA
AMAN Azman
AZR Aztec Resources Limited
AZH Azure Holdings

Morning Traders' notes

DUP-Conservative talks stepped up ahead of important deadline

The morning note is a daily global markets overview for Friday 23rd June 2017 from the analyst team at Accendo Markets, providing a bullet-point snapshot of what can be expected in financial markets today and overnight activity. The information is straight from the traders’ desks, with news and insights on equities markets, commodities, and forex.

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