Sunday, 20th August 2017

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Student Centre

Welcome all students! BullBearings trading games are played by over 15,000 students from over 80 UK universities. Whether you are part of an investment society or just want to play for fun, BullBearings is free and can give you hands on experience. Learn how to trade the stock market, invest in leveraged products including foreign exchange.

You can view the current standings of the top University Teams competing on BullBearings. You can also access our comprehensive guides below to help you land a place on the Top City graduate recruitment schemes.

University League Table - Top 25

All BullBearings traders who indicated that they attended a UK University either as a student, lecturer or other member of staff, automatically represent their institution in our inter-university fantasy stock trading league table.

1 Huddersfield University
2 St Mark and St John, The University College of
3 Cambridge University
4 Bournemouth University
5 Exeter University
6 Napier University
7 Southampton University
8 Newcastle upon Tyne University
9 Bradford University
10 Loughborough University
11 Herefordshire College of Art and Design
12 Durham University
13 Buckingham University
14 Other!
15 Bangor, University of Wales
16 Glasgow University
17 Stockport College of Further and Higher Education
18 Salford University
19 Sheffield University
20 South Bank University
21 Writtle, University College
22 Newport, University of Wales College
23 Swansea, University of Wales
24 Bath University
25 Leeds University

Which trading game would you like to trade with ?