Friday, 4th September 2015

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Nicolas Shamtanis

5 biggest losses of Black Monday

By , 04 Sep 2015

In the aftermath of Black Friday a whopping 24 different billionaires lost $1 billion or more, with approximately $124 billion in total losses shared by the 400 richest people around the world.

This collection of gargantuan losses, resulting in the first correction seen by the Standard & Poor's 500 Index in almost four years, came about as China's stock market saw its worst downturn since 2007.


TRADERS' Magazine

Stock market boom and crash

By TRADERS' Magazine, 02 Sep 2015

The cause and effect of extreme market movements.

This article explains, based on transition properties, why a stock market boom occurs during the acceleration phase of a transition, inevitably followed by a stock market crash in the stabilisation phase of a transition. 


Nicolas Shamtanis

5 young & extremely successful traders: their story

By , 01 Sep 2015

Most of the time, we have to teach young investors how to avoid making costly mistakes in the financial markets.  However, some people are just natural born investors, regardless of their age.

In the following article we introduce you to five of the youngest and most successful investors in the world. Reading their stories will give you the motivation you need to up your game. 


Andrew Hore

Small cap stocks to watch: Real Good Food Group (RGD)

By , 27 Aug 2015

Bakery products and ingredients supplier Real Good Food (RGD) is set to return to profit this year following the completion of the disposal of its sugar business Napier Brown in May.

This deal has strengthened the balance sheet and Real Good Food will be able to grow its other operations, which are not so dependent on the sugar market and have much higher margins.


Nicolas Shamtanis

10 signs youíre in a bad trade

By , 24 Aug 2015

Sometimes, the best trade is the one you don’t make. Unfortunately, if you’re using a bad trading system, it’s not always easy to know when you’ve entered a bad position.

In such a scenario, you might not realize how bad your position is until you’ve wiped out your entire account. 


Nicolas Shamtanis

5 insightful quotes from top traders

By , 21 Aug 2015

Financial trading may be one of the most lucrative professions in the world, but can also be one of the most challenging.

Each day, an untold number of new traders are learning this reality the hard way. 


Traders' Magazine

Better the devil you know

By Traders' Magazine, 20 Aug 2015

Why You Should Trade Volatile Stocks

Within reason, you are much better off trading more volatile stocks. It truly is “better the devil you know.” In this article we will look at how to measure and gauge a stock’s volatility and why you should generally trade more volatile stocks.


Nicolas Shamtanis

10 of the biggest investment fails in history

By , 13 Aug 2015

We all know what it's like to suffer a big loss from time to time, and it certainly never gets any easier.

Even worse is when you make a significant loss due to a lapse of judgement or some other silly mistake, but just imagine how you would feel if you were one of the individuals on today's list of investment fails.


Nicolas Shamtanis

Trading the news and the market's reaction to economic data

By , 11 Aug 2015

The price of a security generally reflects all the news that is currently available. When new information becomes available, the markets quickly adjust and the price of the security may reflect the new information.

Trading different markets such as the currency market, stocks, commodities, or bonds, requires the understanding of what would likely take place after the new information is absorbed.



Brenda Kelly

Finding short term opportunities in equity trading

By , 07 Aug 2015

If there’s one question clients ask me over and over again, it’s how to spot short term trading opportunities particularly in equity markets.

Take that long list of stocks you think you look at each day and narrow it down to 20-40 stocks that have a lot of trading volume and liquidity.


303 articles found

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City News

Karen Millen shelves MBO plans

Thu, 1st Jan - * (ShareCast News) - The owners of high street fashion retailer Karen Millen have mothballed a planned management buy-out, leading to the departure of chief executive Mike Shearwood.

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