Tuesday, 4th August 2015

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Traders' views - Stock trading

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Christian Stern and Stefan Friedrichowski

Volatility: The Pulse of the Markets

By Christian Stern and Stefan Friedrichowski, 04 Aug 2015

How the Livelihood of Trading Changes
Traders need price movements and volatility in the markets, as one thing is valid for all directional trading strategies: No movement – no yield. Time and again, we can observe periods with a massive decline in this “livelihood”. In this article, we are looking at volatility in stock and currency markets.


John Kingham

Why the Chinese stock market crash is (very) old news

By , 30 Jul 2015

This week it has been difficult to avoid news about the Chinese stock market crash. On Monday the Shanghai Composite Index fell by more than 8% and over the last three months it’s down by more than 30%.

However, is this really all that surprising? I don’t think it is.


Oliver Haill

Top 2015 share tips and trades - half-time update

By , 28 Jul 2015

Just before the dawn of 2015, Bullbearings gathered together eight trading experts (plus me) to select some stock tips and top trades for 2015. This is a half-time report, with a top-10 leadboard (someone had two tips) and each tipster giving an update on their chosen recommendation (apart from one who's gone AWOL).

Safe to say, I'm propping up the table and making the rest of them look good - but as I said at the time, picking one share to buy is a notoriously difficult thing to do - especially if you take a speculative punt on a small cap. It's been an unusual year and there's still five months to go...



Andrew Hore

Small cap update: Nasstar progress despite client loss

By , 27 Jul 2015

Nasstar (NASA), which I highlighted at 8.5p at the end of last year, had made good progress in its first 18 months as a quoted company but the loss of a major customer will have a negative effect on the second half of 2015.

The news, in a recent trading statement, is bad news for the current financial year and the performance of the share price in 2015 but the underlying attractions of the cloud-based IT services and hosting provider remain.


Christopher Beauchamp

More downside to come in banks

By , 23 Jul 2015

In the wake of the Greek crisis of June, the UK banking sector rallied, but it now looks as if the bounce has run its course.

It has been a see-saw year for the sector, but from a technical perspective the immediate path looks to be downward.


Nicolas Shamtanis

What 'The Tortoise & the Hare' teaches us about trading

By , 21 Jul 2015

Most of us are familiar with the story of 'The Tortoise and the Hare,' but there are some surprising and insightful parallels that can be drawn between this famous fable and the world of trading.

The story begins with a tortoise and a hare setting out on a race. The hare is of course much faster, so he zooms off ahead while the tortoise slowly plods along.



Andrew Hore

AIM stock GVC Holdings still remains strong despite Bwin defeat

By , 17 Jul 2015

Trading remains strong at the online betting and gaming firm GVC Holdings (GVC), which I wrote about in April, and the outlook is still positive even though it appears to have missed out on a the acquisition of larger peer Bwin.party. 

GVC had recently joined forces with Amaya Inc, a much larger Toronto-listed gaming businesses operator, to put forward proposals to acquire fully listed Bwin.party (BPTY) for 110p a share offer in cash and shares, which valued the target at around £910m. (UPDATE: GVC has now raised its offer to 122.5p per share in cash and shares - a £1bn bid.)


Nicolas Shamtanis

The many ways to use technical indicators

By , 14 Jul 2015

Technical analysis is the study of price action but it also incorporates mathematical tools such as moving averages that help forecast the future movements of a financial instrument.  

Specific technical indicators may be used in many ways, and provide different messages that may assist in your trading decision making process.



Nicolas Shamtanis

The best way to use trading signals

By , 09 Jul 2015

A trading signal is a timing mechanism that is used to initiate an investment opportunity and may be used successfully to generate robust risk adjusted returns.  

Signals are usually accompanied by a risk management system which describes how to exit a financial security with a stop loss and a take profit level.


Andrew Hore

Small cap stocks to watch: Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE)

By , 08 Jul 2015

Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) has added Asda and Sainsbury's to its customer base this year and the digital coupons and promotions provider is already building a major market share in the grocery market.

Coupons continue to be a popular way of promoting products and services and Valassis, the company that processes the vast majority of the paper coupons says that volumes have grown by 225% since 2010.


291 articles found

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City News

Standard Life disappoints below the line despite dividend hike

Thu, 1st Jan - * (ShareCast News) - Standard Life delivered a better dividend than was expected but this was not enough to impress investors as several one-off charges took the sheen off half-year results from the life company turned asset manager.

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