Sunday, 20th August 2017

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Trading Tools

Free Forex and Stock Trading Tools

We offer a number of free trading tools for registered users at Bullbearings that can help focus your trading by providing lots of useful data. Whether you are seeking the latest information on specific shares or historical data via stock charts, our trading tools can help to make those purchase or sell decisions in your virtual stocks & shares, spread betting, CFD or FX trading portfolio.

Below we provide an introduction to the forex and stock trading tools available at Bullbearings, including technical charts, stock data and quotes, FX and Spread research, company histories, and more. The more sophisticated of these portfolio investment tools are only available to registered members (you can sign up here), but market news and reports, expert analysts insight on recommended stocks and stock research are available to all visitors.

Some of the more popular trading tools on Bullbearings are:

Stock Charts

Members can Use our interactive charting tools to view charts of companies and indices and to plot key indicators. Chart Styles covered include:

Line, Area and Logarithmic Charts - Which plot share prices

HL, OHLC and Candlestick Charts - which plot price points and events

Moving Averages and Bollinger Band Overlays

Technical Indicators - A range of indicators are displayed underneath the price charts, such as volumes, money flow, rate of change, RiskGrade, EPS etc.

Stock Alerts

You can set up an alert on any stock so that you will be emailed as soon as the trigger you have specified has been met. You can specify any number of alerts and on a variety of a stock's parameters.

FTSE Heatmaps

The colours represent the day's mid percentage change for FTSE 100 stocks and enable rapid identification of falling or rising stocks.

Trade Tendency Graphs

Shows recent trades by Bullbearings members. Find out what overall BullBearings trader activity is in the last few days with a named stock. Do you want to bet against the prevailing sentiment or go with the flow?

FX Research Tools

Up to the minute forex information With currency pair data on price movements (in pips) and historical bidding and asking rates.

Stock Watch List

You can add up to 10 stocks to a watch list, allowing you to study the performance of a company before deciding on whether to trade the stock.

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